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Summer Season Preview - 2023 - Liarian Unlimited

Summer Season Preview - 2023

Carnival Summer Trends

Summer Season Preview - 2023

Hey Hottie , What are you wearing today ?

Thanks to the warm weather and hot girl summer is in full speed ; it has been yet another season like no other. Shopping for a date or hoping to hit a Ferris wheel this Summer, let's review the top 5 trends that can get our ladies ready for the hot girl summer months ahead.

  1. Tribal and Bohemian - Tribal and bohemian styles are making a resurgence from their peek popularity in 2016. We at Bloom Drop ship love bohemian, the trend offers a dynamic mix of prints and cuts that can only come from this exotic trend. It's sexy, it's fun and it's expressive, we are so happy this trend is coming back 'round!
  2. Rompers - Let's be honest, this trend should be at the top 3 every year. Rompers are dynamic, fun and adorable. We are seeing a lot of rompers this year pack the shelves. Be sure that when the sun shines its brightest this Summer to hook your ladies up with a fabulous breathable romper. 
  3. Floral - Floral is always popular but this year they seem to have found some new found love.  Ditsy floral took a bit of a nose dive and overly large florals are nowhere to be found, look for nice bold cutsie florals for the win this summer.
  4. Crochet - Much like tribal and bohemian, you could find crochet hemmed on almost every cut three to four years ago. It's back and better and then ever and we are seeing this style adorned with color blocks, florals and chiffons. 
  5. Tie Dye - Don't count out 2020's top trend. This style might be fifth on the list but as the temperature increases so will the popularity of this trend.
  6. Halter - This style made a brief hello last summer but looks clear for take off this summer as the go to cut for tanks, dresses and rompers. It's fresh, it's unique and you can't miss with this cut.
  7. Tier - I didn't quite know what to term this trend but tier seems to fit. You will know it when you see this design. Different then a color block, but all in the same, a tier design is really just the cut design of layering tops, dresses or maxi's with a multiple seamed tier design. 

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